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A Clients view…

‘CHIS has been a great help to my family since our daughters’ accident.

We didn’t know why she couldn’t do very basic tasks without a lot of help, now with CHIS we are learning to help and cope again.

25th Anniversary Celebrations

Being planned now is the services anniversary which is going to be a fun day or even a weekend. If you want to get involved, or for more information call Jennie on 01296 337760.

Andy Tyerman, Head of Service said, ‘We had a wonderful celebration 5 yrs ago and we wish mark this birthday with a lovely party with staff, clients, family & friends’ Read more


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The Friends of Community Head Injury Service is a Registered Charity that was formed to help and support the important services provided by the Community Head Injury Service based in Aylesbury, part of Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.

The Friends of the Community Head Injury Service formed as a small charity in November 2012 and became a registered charity with the Charity Commission in August 2015.

A number of people, including clients of the Community Head Injury Service and their relatives, expressed the idea of forming a charity to help support the service in its developments and raise funds to be used for the benefit of the service and its clients.

The Friends were established to support the Community Head Injury Service in ways that are not funded through normal NHS funds.

This has included the development of rehabilitation support involving technology to help people with the many challenges they have, especially remembering everyday tasks. This includes using a range of applications on tablets and smart phones depending on individual needs of clients.

When you speak to any client or family member who attend CHIS, they will tell you all the staff here will understand your problems.

You also meet other people that understand what you and your family is going through. It is incredible that a brain that has a bang, bleed, defect or stroke can have so devastating effects and far reaching consequences. We are lucky to have this very valuable resource called CHIS for clients, family and friends.

It is great that the Friends of CHIS has begun, fund raising already, projects being tried and tested, a website up and running, you can now find CHIS on the internet, now we can begin to help this service grow for the benefit of people that have brain injuries and we can educate all through this valuable resource.

If you can help in any way, please get in touch.

Thank you.

Friends of CHIS - Trustees


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