The Friends of Community

Head Injury Service


Charity Registration no: 1163310

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We need your help,

can you offer us a little of your time?

We need help from people who are willing to assist us in running the Friends of Community Head Injury Service.

It maybe, that you can only help with the odd hour or as and when, you don’t have to commit to a regular time or position. Not everyone needs to be involved in everything.

We are desperately short of helpers, even on a temporary basis:

Trustees –  Secretary and Committee Members – to be responsible for the running of the charity alongside the Chairman and Treasurer.

Active members – individuals interested in being involved in planning, organising and guiding activities and events.

Members/participants – any individual who would like to support us to help the charity deliver its objectives.

If you are interested, please contact the Chairman, Stuart Townsend or the Treasurer, Paul Bootle or Pauline Stone on the reception at CHIS.

Just a few minutes  . . . for CHIS

If you are interested in helping as and when, without commitment, that is great. If we can keep you informed of what we plan by text or email, then you can decide to call us, if you are free that day.

With just those few odd minutes your help will be appreciated.

That's all we ask. - The Friends.

What have we done so far?

Using the donations we have already received, the Friends of CHIS have already helped support the service and its clients by providing equipment:

Our first purchase was a large screen/ tv/ monitor for the Group Room. This allows staff to connect to and display any material which needs to be shared. It was Internet ready and connections available plus wi-fi. This enabled staff to use View and Share, an application which displays a phone on a large screen, then you can show actual buttons you touch or how to use certain phones. Before we had this screen, we had to cram around one tiny little iPhone to show users one at a time what button and when to press it. It is a brilliant teaching aid to the group room.

Further purchases were the tablets and pads and these came into their own through the technology group. When clients have trouble remembering everyday tasks these can be programmed into a reminder or calendar application. We tried a lot of different apps and really gave them all a good try. Some had useful features, others were found to be too complicated to set up and use.

We are indebted to both Bucks County Council and Slater and Gordon Health Projects and Research Fund who helped Community Head Injury Service set up a Technology Support Group with grants. It is nearing completion now but this enabled us to fund and try out various equipment being tested by clients with brain injuries who found these modern phones and recording devices a huge help in remembering everyday tasks which would otherwise be forgotten. Read the Technology Report here.