Head Injury Service

Brookside Clinic, Station Way,  Aylesbury,

Bucks  HP20 2SR

Telephone 01296 337760 email

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Your privacy and our policy. We at the Friends, do not collect or store any of your data.

The Friends of Community

Head Injury Service


Charity Registration no: 1163310

Home About Us Get Involved The Service Links-Contact

Your privacy and our policy. We at the Friends, do not collect or store any of your data.

Can you help us . . . organise and event?

You don’t have to organise a bike race, run up a mountain or moor or jump out of an aeroplane, but any ideas big or small will help us raise funds for CHIS. Here’s just a small list of some fun activities that might appeal to you and your friends:

Get together and bake a cake each and have a sale; car boot event; pub quiz night; dinner party; a sociable bike ride; arts and crafts fair; five-a-side football; sponsored walk or swim.

We would be delighted to help you put on an event, we can provide forms, publicity and support. Gift Aid is also available for qualifying events and persons, this could allow us to claim an extra 25% from HMRC .

Want to know more? . . . Please contact us.

Would you like to donate a gift to CHIS -

through the Friends?

All donations and contributions be it one off or a regular donation to the Friends of CHIS will be acknowledged and greatly appreciated plus put solely towards developing the service for clients and their families. We can even put funds towards specific plans or ideas that you might have.

If you would like to donate, you can:

Visit our Virgin Giving page here.

Alternatively, you can donate directly through your internet banking or write a cheque:

Our Account is held with Nat West, 22 Market Square, Aylesbury, Bucks HP20 1TR.

Account Name: Friends of Community Head Injury Service

Account Number:  51674548         Sort 60:01:31

You can write a cheque Payable to: Friends of CHIS either hand it to the Service or send it to the Friends care of CHIS c/o Brookside Clinic, Station Way, Aylesbury, Bucks HP20 2SR.

HMRC and Gift Aid

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs will allow the Friends, as a registered Charity to claim and extra 25% contribution from HMRC, if, in the tax year that you make the donation, you personally have paid tax not greater than what you donated.

This will not effect any of your tax contributions, it is a transaction that the Friends can claim 25% from HMRC. You can even download our Gift Aid form that we need to make our claim.

Can you make a regular donation to CHIS through the Friends and use Direct Debit?

You can even set up and use the Direct Debit system for regular amounts monthly or yearly plus as mentioned above, we can claim 25% extra from HMRC through Gift Aid, if you are a tax payer.

Our official collecting boxes are available?

Would you be able to place or have a Collecting Box at your place of work/store? We have available to the Friends our official sealed and tamper proof collecting tins. If you would like to find out more about getting a collection box for your place of work/store, please get in contact with us via email: or use this Contacts Link.